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During one of those not so good phases of life few years back, I landed up at Kavita’s doorstep. I was welcomed with a warm smile and a peaceful demeanor. What followed, was me pouring my heart out, knowing fully well that I’ll be given genuine advice and guidance. You can’t but notice the calm confidence she exudes, something that comes from years of practice and an undeniable inner strength! Kavita is truly a catalyst for you to identify your true path and your highest potential. There were episodes of synchronicity where Kavita’s teachings resonated with the teachings of the universe and I am amazed at the divine order. She is gifted and believes in sharing her learnings wholeheartedly with her clients. I have been introduced to numerous new concepts and ideas by Kavita that I continue to apply in daily life. I feel blessed to have been guided to connect with Kavita and begin my healing process. She is today a guide, a confidante, a true friend and a beautiful teacher. Thankyou Kavita for connecting me to the Silence within! The journey of transformation has been enriching, you made me feel safe by hand-holding. I remain indebted. Lots of Love!!!

Ashu Nathani, Human Resource Professional
My Life-transforming sessions with Dr. Kavita have been an amazing journey and an experience of a lifetime in itself! Before I started with the sessions, I was personally in quite a negative frame of mind. I was stressed out and tremendously anxious in my daily life. My obsessions related to cleanliness, following a set number of patterns and performing tasks for a specific number of times was routine. It was a daunting task to even wake up and get to work everyday.

After my first counselling session with Dr. Kavita, I found a ray of hope and a helping hand, that would eventually allow my reality to be channelized in a direction that I had not even imagined!
We started off with Re-birthing sessions, in which I experienced some phenomenal shifts and clarity of thoughts. As the sessions progressed through, Womb regressions, past life regressions and future life progression, my perspective towards myself and others in general started changing. My interactions with others and how I respond to situations has also been positively transformed. I realised the vastness of universe and the infinity within, that continues to expand. I also experienced some beautiful shifts and realisations surrounding my personal relationships. These sessions have definitely added a lot of value to my life. I would not hesitate to say that, I found the Meaning of life. I believe that we, as humans, can be great channels through which a larger good is possible for all. I also had some blissful inner awakenings and subtle yet powerful observations which have now drastically transformed the way I live and look at life.
I am taking back a plethora of knowledge and a great sense of conscious responsibility to make a difference in the world at large.
I bow before Dr. Kavita in gratitude and acknowledgement for being a Master to help me progress in my journey, simultaneously awakening the Master in me.

Mihir Mehta, Director, Green Pyramid Biotech. Pvt. Ltd.
I am deeply grateful to Dr. Kavita for facilitating the month long Awakening the Goddess workshop, which has changed me from the core. I thank the universe and masters to have sent the learning to me through the right channel. It has been a beautiful journey of reawakening my inner wisdom with plenty of learnings and positive shifts.
As the course led the way, it helped to bring out bit by bit of my deeper inner child issues and heal them. The journey has also been truly empowering, helping me discover and believe in my own power and beauty and helping me to have self love and self belief more than ever. My circumstances are changing in my own universe as financial and other forms of empowerment have been manifesting. I am receiving a lot of help to further my career and creativity. The Goddess journey has opened the way to own my power and reinforce my self belief, transforming arrogance and fear to love. I realized during the course of the program how much emphasis the Goddess (in me) has on owning and exercising my power and the experience in this context is unlike any other spiritual journey. It’s truly a must do for women and whoever feel powerless and out of touch with themselves in any way. Deep gratitude for this teaching.
Apoorva Rao, Journalist

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