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Intuitive Life Coaching

Do you live in your days like a forgotten ticket stub in someone’s jacket? As if the show were behind you? As if you went out one evening to watch your life, and decided halfway through that it wasn’t worth the price of admission.

Other things more interesting stole your attention, even though we’ve been told and told that all that glitters is not gold, we are so easily seduced by sparkle and the kind of food that fills our mouths but not our stomachs and never our souls.

How we gorge on the insubstantial, and substitute the vibrant, risky, full-bodied occupation of life with a weak-kneed, lukewarm stupor.

Do you live in your days like an unmarked bottle in the back of the fridge? A bottle that has been there so long that no one remembers what’s in it. Do you live in your days like a lone sock in the drawer whose match disappeared in the wash weeks or years ago.

Think. Think hard. What shape are you holding and in what container are you held? Those are not questions to be asked or answered lightly.

Live like the roar in the cave of the lion’s throat. Live like the mustard seed that is dropped into hot oil — ready to explode its flavor into everything. Like the wick in a candle. Flickering. Fierce. Alive.

Do the lines above from the essay “Lion’s roar by Pavithra Mehta “stir something in you?

It’s time to live your best life.
Are you ready to step into your power?
Are you looking to make what seems impossible, possible in your reality?

Are you an inspiring human who knows they are meant to make a mark on this world?
I work with extraordinary men and women from around the world who want to take charge of their life. My speciality lies in setting a powerful foundation for your dreams to be built upon. From there we cultivate and refine your vision such that you have clarity in each important area of your life. We’ll pull out your soul’s goals, prioritize them, take action, and most of all, enjoy the process of conscious co-creation!


All Life Coaching sessions are conducted via FaceTime, or Skype which allows for me to coach people from all over the world!
Sessions are usually 60-90min. Follow-up sessions can be as efficient as 30min! *Unless otherwise stated, sessions are by default 60min.

Currently, there are 4 ways we can work together

Private Life Coaching

Corporate Life Coaching

Speaking Engagements & Custom Workshops

Online & Live Programs

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